Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Hooken and Beer

Continued from Beer Quarry Caves:

... and then you come into sight of the Hooken landslip itself, with its chalk pinnacles on the seaward side.

As you ascend into the deeper woodland between the pinnacles and the landward cliff ...

... you see on the left the opening in the cliff variously called the Beer Stone Adit or Hooken Adit or Connett's Hole (I mentioned it before - see That's no cave!). Contrary to a number of accounts, it does not connect with the Beer Quarry Caves - I asked specifically on the guided tour. Nor is it the original entrance, which was somewhat inland; this is part of the underground workings that was exposed by the landslip.

As you climb higher, there's an increasingly impressive vista of the wooded gorge between the pinnacles and cliff.

Panoramic shot: click to enlarge

And finally the whole formation is visible when you reach the clifftop.

Looking back from Beer Head

From Beer Head, it's a gentle walk down to Beer, with its chalk cove and views across Lyme Bay to Seaton and the start of the Axmouth-Lyme Undercliff.

All in all, a very pleasant autumn afternoon.

- Ray

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