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Dean Maitland locations

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While I managed to source most of the Maxwell Gray books as e-texts on the Internet, I did want a print copy of The Silence of Dean Maitland, and was pleased to find the 1897 Kegan Paul, Trench & Trübner illustrated edition with line drawings by Frederick Hamilton Jackson (1848-1923). The book itself is undated, but it's listed in The Publisher, Volume 12, Issue 65, 1897. Jackson clearly took the trouble to go to the relevant locations, in the Isle of Wight and Winchester, since the scene pictures are mostly very identifiable.
This is Alma looking over a gate as she climbs the hill from Chalkburne (Carisbrooke) towards Malbourne (Calbourne). The view is of the western end of St Mary's church, Carisbrooke, somewhere on the steep ascent up the present B3401 called Alvington Shute, though trees and building obscure this view nowadays.

The village of "Malbourne" - in fact Calbourne. This is more or less the view from the Sun Inn, on the present B3401, looking down Lynch Lane (the Isle of Wight Family History site has a couple of similar views - see particularly the first image at Photo Gallery : Isle of Wight - Calbourne). The British Listed Buildings Entry - Church of All Saints, Calbourne, #392986 - doesn't say why and when the church lost the stubby spire that formerly topped its tower.

This is St Mary's church, Carisbrooke, viewed from the northern rampart of Carisbrooke Castle:

Alma with her baby; Carisbrooke church, with its small turret, is visible on the horizon.

This shows the wrongly-convicted Everard escaping from Portsmouth. The arch behind him is the Unicorn Gate, Portsmouth, then the entrance to the dockyard (there's a nice early 20th century photo here at Rootsweb, (detail below) ...

... and a British Listed Buildings record #476642). Due to general redevelopment, it now sits isolated on a roundabout on a ring road within the HM Naval Base.

This shows Winkle Street (aka Barrington Row) Calbourne, from the NW end. The Isle of Wight Family History Society site has a similar photo: see Photo Gallery : Isle of Wight - Calbourne, second row down, middle image.

This - "Belminster" in Dean Maitland - is the Bishop's House, Winchester Cathedral.

This is where Everard talks to Dean Maitland's blind son, also called Everard; it's supposed to be in one of the doors of Winchester Cathedral, but I can't find any such view; and no building is so close to the cathedral (even on contemporary maps). Any ideas?

This is the scene where Maitland, realising his guilty secrets have finally come back to bite him, says goodbye to his family. The view is of Winchester Cathedral from the east, from a location around what's now Abbey Gardens.

This is the much-photographed Cheyney Court, Winchester Cathedral Close.

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