Thursday, 28 October 2010

Methera: Autumn tour

Further to the previous post about the string quartet Methera - see Unusual string quartets - we just had a flyer:
Methera Autumn News 2010
Upcoming National Tour and Album Launch
We are excitedly preparing for our upcoming autumn tour and the launch of our second album.  We are on the road from the 4th to the 14th November and are playing in some lovely venues in England and Wales - from Northumberland to Surrey and Gloucestershire to Cumbria, so it would be great to see you somewhere on the way. All the gig details are ... on our website -
Our second / tan album is 'Methera in Concert'.  It is an exciting live recording now receiving brilliant reviews and lots of airplay...  It is to be released on 01.11.10, but if you want to order a copy now, you can do so on the shop page of the website:

Happy Autumn,

Lucy Deakin - John Dipper - Emma Reid - Miranda Rutter
If you haven't listened to Methera, who play an exciting fusion of English folk and string quartet idiom, there are samples at their MySpace page: The flyer continues:
P.S. Emma has 4 gigs together with Daniel Carlsson between 15th and 19th November, details listed below. Beautifully lyrical folk music by Swedish composers. Daniel Carlsson - soprano and baritone saxophone, Emma Reid – fiddle.
This also is very worth checking out: hear samples from

- RG


  1. I am listening to Apocalyptica this very moment (on a real CD).

    Oddly, I didn't buy anything of theirs at the time of your previous post, but ran into them recently via an Amazon "also-bought" trawl for new music and a little light bulb went on in my mind ("haven't I heard this group somewhere before?"). Ended up buying six of their CDs and have been listening to them relentlessly since. (I put a CD on the player downstairs, set it on repeat, and it goes for however many hours while I work upstairs).

    At the same time, I bought a bunch of Amon Amarth which is ... erm ... not quite the same. And I like it; makes a nice counterbalance to Apocalyptica.

    I need to look into Methera.

  2. Hi, Julie. Their collaborations with vocalists are also worth checking out, if you haven't run into them: for instance, Bittersweet; their cover of Rammstein's Seemann with Nina Hagen; and Helden, their cover of Bowie's Heroes with Till Lindemann (I think it's superior to the original).

  3. I've go all of those -- in fact, I think I have all of them twice because the Amplified CD collects a lot from previous CDs.

    There are a bunch of cuts other than those that I know I'm familiar with by other artists because I'm humming along but I haven't identified them. (One that I can remember is Nothing Else Matters.)