Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Exeter: Elaine Goodwin mosaic

Mentioned previously - Exeter Fountain Project and other public art - where I mentioned my favourite piece of Exeter's public art being the Elaine Goodwin mosaic in the entrance of Broadwalk House. I took another look today.

As Exeter Memories says, the mosaic is Roman-inspired, depicting the Garden of Livia in Naples from the time of Augustus. It's a beautiful piece of work, incorporating a mix of tesserae that range from the obviously specialist or custom-made - such as the gold-coloured and green-yellow iridescent ones - to ones sourced from found ceramics, particularly the brown-white crockery designs in the tree trunk and branches below the blackbird.

If you don't know it, do check it out.

If you like mosaics, see also Tree of Life.

- Ray

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