Saturday, 1 June 2013

More Haslehust plates: IOW

Further to earlier posts about the artist EW Haslehust, whose work appears as illustrations in a number of early 20th century regional guides, I just scanned these images from Our Beautiful Homeland - Canterbury: Winchester: Isle of Wight : Swanage (191?, Gresham Publishing, text by Edward Thomas, Sidney Heath and Canon Danks). I've seen some of these plates before, but they're a nice batch: I rather like it that Haslehust - unlike a lot of broadly similar artists; compare the very prettified watercolours by E Hadfield to A Driving Tour in the Isle of Wight - doesn't shy away from depicting the landscape in a sombre mood, as in the warts-and-all picture below of the smoky Newport as seen from the Medina.

The Old Church, Bonchurch

The Needles

Shanklin Downs, early spring

Newport, from the Medina

Steephill Cove

Bembridge Harbour


In Freshwater Bay

Blackgang Chine

Ventnor from the Steephill Walk


Carisbrooke Castle

- Ray

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