Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Isle of Wight: index

In parallel with the Devon history subject list, here's another for the currently some 140 Isle of Wight posts on JSBlog. Like the Devon posts, they're a mix of walk photos, galleries from out-of-print travelogues, looks at at old novels, and a good number of detailed explorations of Isle of Wight historical and topographical subjects.

  • Isle of Wight for 10,000 years - a geologically implausible landscape prediction from a children's encyclopedia.
  • Richard Rosny - and an apocryphal rhyme -  the Niton Undercliff appears in a Maxwell Gray novel; and in a fake legend.
  • On going back - reflections on my rediscovery of the Isle of Wight following being reunited with my father.
  • Over Culver to Shanklin - photos from a pleasant walk from Whitecliff Bay to Shanklin.
  • On the lost road -  photos from my long-planned visit to the 'lost road' segment of the old Niton-Blackgang road now isolated inside the landslip below Gore Cliff.
  • George Morland at Freshwater - the rather unfortunate life at Freshwater of this 1700s painter of painter of animals and rustic scenes.
  • Donald McGill Museum -  a visit to the Ryde museum (now moved across the street) for this painter of saucy postcards.
  • Richard Rosny - reading the 1903 Maxwell Gray novel, set in a fictionalised southern Wight.
  • Letts: a relic - looking at the 'Shakespeare Fountain' and its diary magnate creator.
  • IOW (3): Return to Blackgang - we take a quick look at the vicinity of Blackgang Chine and Gore Cliff.
  • IOW (2): Llamas and chines -  a short 'Back of the Wight' walk meets llamas and takes in various chines.
  • IOW (1): Oddfellows - a little about the Vecta Lodge of the Newport branch of the Oddfellows Friendly Society.
  • The House of Hidden Treasure - reading the 1898 Maxwell Gray novel, a rather bleak family saga set in "Barling", a fictionalised Brading.
  • Ribstone Pippins - reading the 1898 Maxwell Gray novel, a dialect romance about a young Isle of Wight carter.
  • The Broken Tryst - reading the 1879 Maxwell Gray novel, a melodramatic romance set largely in "Brightdale", a fictionalised Brighstone.
  • Swinburne, Culver climber - on the poet Algernon Swinburne's completely uncorroborated story of having climbed Culver Cliff at the now-lost 'Hermit's Hole'.
  • Old Park - and a stormy friendship - the one-way romance of artist Walter Spindler and the novelist Pearl Craigie (who wrote as John Oliver Hobbes).
  • Isle of Wight flying visit (3) - brief commentary on the Undercliff near Ventnor.
  • Isle of Wight flying visit (1) - during which I see the original manuscript of Maxwell Gray's The Silence of Dean Maitland.
  • The Last Sentence - reading the 1893 Maxwell Gray novel, a melodramatic saga with some probable Wight locations.
  • The Reproach of Annesley - reading the 1889 Maxwell Gray novel, of which a major setting is "Arden", a fictionalised Arreton.
  • Maxwell Gray: Unconfessed - reading the 1911 Maxwell Gray novel set largely around "Brookwell", which seems to be a portmanteau of Shorwell and Brighstone.
  • The disappearing chine - a short introduction to the topic of Blackgang Chine, and its disappearance due to two centuries of coastal erosion.
These and future Isle of Wight topics at JSBlog can be collectively accessed via the label iow.

- Ray

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