Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Blogger feeds

Good news - Lily, my employer, is currently negotiating over getting a new Apple Mac for the bookshop where I work part-time. We're currently working on a venerable Mac OS 9 system, which has given sterling service, but whose browser and Flash capability are now beyond upgrading, and are insufficient to talk to a lot of websites: Blogger in particular. With the new setup, any of us here should be able to jot down stuff more frequently.

Meanwhile, I just discovered Blogger's capability to import site feeds, so you'll find in the sidebar a number of new feeds for blogs with interesting literary content. Their authors include the writer and poet Ben Myers; the writer and academic John Sutherland (probably most popularly known for his analytical literary criticism - see A Nasty Case of the Vapours); and the collective behind Language Log, not precisely about literature but certainly about the nuts-and-bolts of language that drives it.

Language Log is always great fun, as it's written by professorial-level linguists who regularly, and entertainly, tear strips off folk-etymology and non-linguist prescriptive pundits.

- Ray

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