Thursday, 19 October 2006

Darwin online and offline

Interesting news yesterday: Charles Darwin's works go online, the BBC report of the launch of Cambridge University's The Complete Work of Charles Darwin Online. Great stuff: the content ranges from the most academic publications to personal trivia such as Things for a Week, a to-take and to-do list for his visit to a hydropathic spa (the cause of his ill-health is still disputed). Other Darwin collections online include the Darwin Correspondence Project and the Darwin Digital Library of Evolution.
      Charles Darwin's life has been heavily documented in print: notable biographies that spring to mind are Janet Browne's two-volume work, Voyaging and The Power of Place, and any of the co-written Darwin books by Adrian Desmond and James R Moore. For a different angle, it's worth checking out Edna Healey's Emma Darwin - The Inspirational Wife of a Genius. - Ray

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