Saturday, 8 January 2011

Traveller's Rest

I was delighted to find a moment ago that the Google Books preview for the 2003 SF anthology The Caltraps of Time (David I Masson, Wildside Press LLC) contains in full one of the SF stories I find most memorable, Traveller's Rest.

As the Independent obituary shows, Masson was an interesting character; like many of the best SF writers, he didn't have a 'techie' background. He was an eminent specialist librarian, a curator of rare books.

Traveller's Rest, set on an alternate Earth where time varies with latitude, could be viewed 'straight' as a tragic story about a soldier living on a world with different rules of physics, or as an allegory for the perception of time of a soldier moving between frenetic combat and the calm of home. Either way, it's excellent.

See Traveller's Rest.

- Ray

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