Monday, 24 October 2011

Gangaldinn and Meduoteran

More musical coolness. I've just been listening to a couple of musical duos: Gangaldinn and Meduoteran.

comprises Christian Holter (horn and electronics) and Craig Farr (percussion). I guess their style is experimental jazz fusion. It doesn't all grip me, but I very much like Syncopated Tune (above), an arrangement of a Norwegian folk song arranged for percussion and electronically multi-tracked horn.


Meduoteran comprises Taylan Arikan and Srdjan Vukasinovic. The former plays ba─člama, which a guess could be described as an Anatolian lute; the latter plays chromatic button-key accordion, but one tuned to be able to play the quarter-tones of Middle Eastern music. Their style could, I guess be classed as jazz-folk fusion.  My favourite at this instant is Mediterran (above), but check out Fuga and Jazziana. For more details, see their website:

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