Monday, 16 April 2012


Geoneedle site, looking east to Exmouth
I fancied a break after a dental appointment first thing, so we went to Exmouth for a quick walk to look at the redeveloped Geoneedle site at Orcombe Point. This artwork by Michael Fairfax, unveiled in 2002, marks the western end of the Jurassic Coast world heritage site. The redevelopment, done early this year, includes a gravelled trail with a wall and adjacent seating, and a "hopscotch trail" of slabs of various Jurassic Coast rocks matching those in the Geoneedle itself.

As you can see, the weather was getting very ominous, with a large raincloud approaching over the Haldons, so we gave the full walk to Sandy Bay a miss and stopped at the Pavilions for a cup of tea instead. We ran into this guy on the way back through Bath Road.

- Ray

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