Thursday, 22 November 2012

Flooding by the Clyst

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On the great scale of things - hurricanes, tsunamis - this isn't much to complain about, but over the last couple of days the English Westcountry has had significant rainfall leading to flooding. The local manifestation has been flooding of the fields on the lower flood plain of the River Clyst between Topsham and Dart's Farm (see Google Maps above) and closure of the Exmouth Road (A376) that crosses it. A few photos: sorry about the dismal cast, but it was getting toward dusk on a very overcast day.

Some twit thought they could get through ...

And this is why we don't build on flood plains unless we're stupid.

There's wider coverage on various news sites, including that of the Exeter Express & Echo: Disruption and transport problems in Devon as wind batters region. As I said, effects here aren't exactly devastating, but it's certainly out of the ordinary.

- Ray

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  1. It is frightening to recognize that when it comes to global warning that we have already reached a point of no return and almost certainly we will see an average rise of several degrees in the near future. Presumably, unusual weather patterns, of which there have been many, are sometimes the result of this. The recent mega-storm, Sandy, in the U.S. was felt to be a result of global warming and, ironically, probably had some effect on electing Obama. Whether he takes it to heart and presses for addressing the carbon problem remains to be seen. He was fairly lukewarm about it in his first term. I think England has taken a more proactive course but I could be wrong. We'll all have to move inland for 5-10 miles.