Monday, 4 August 2008

Recommended miscellany #2

Check out Things Magazine, "an online journal about objects and meanings". It's the weblog of the print magazine of the same name, founded in 1994 by writers and historians at the V&A and Royal College of Art with the premise that "objects can open up new ways of understanding the world". The Archive section (page 1, page 2) links to back issues from which a number of articles are online (a sampler: Radiant realms, Peter Davidson on miners' spar box art; What goes around, comes around, Jonathan Bell on boring postcards; The land that time forgot, Rosemary Hill on the Museum of Jurassic Technology). However, while the magazine issues are "occasional", the weblog is constantly updated, my favourite kind of eclectic travelogue of objects that reflect the minds and cultures that made them: art, photography, architecture, cartography, cinema, literature, and so on.
- Ray

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