Saturday, 27 August 2011

Bayan time (8)

Good result on the public performance front: this afternoon I busked for charity on Topsham Fore Street (it's Topsham Carnival Day, when they close the road to traffic after lunchtime). Being far less in the spotlight than at the Passage House Inn event, I didn't find anxiety a problem. The chief sensation was of needing to concentrate on staying "in the zone"; I did fluff a few notes when my attention drifted on to something else, but I even managed to keep playing when one of the shoulder straps on the bayan came unhitched. That would have thrown me only a couple of months ago. The proceeds came to £14.40: first paid gig - even if it's not for me - and not bad for 40 minutes or so (I have about 20 minutes of rehearsed repertoire now, and did two slots at the beginning and end of the afternoon).

- Ray

1 comment:

  1. Professionalism, no less!

    And at better than three and a half times national minimum wage, too!!

    Can you use a harmonica playing sidekick with only five minute repertoire...?