Thursday, 17 October 2013

Coming soon: A Wren-Like Note

A few of my contacts know already, and others may have guessed, that I've been working been for some time on a biography of the Newport-born author Mary Gleed Tuttiett (1846-1923), who wrote under the pseudonym Maxwell Gray.

The project is close to completion - I'm at the final proofing stage, finalising the cover image, and completing the index - so I expect it to be finished and in production within a week or two.

Meanwhile, the website is now live at

The title comes from one of Maxwell Gray's poems
There comes a time when all the woods are mute;
No longer sounds the blackbird's mellow flute,
Throstle and lark and linnet no more sing,
And men have long forgotten how in spring
The nightingale in golden splendour poured
Her magic song's accumulated hoard;
The wintry day hangs heavily; 'tis then
Pleasant to hear the small, hedge-haunting wren;
Good folk, when grander poets are not near,
These wren-like notes of mine may bring you cheer.
- Ray

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  1. > Meanwhile, the website is now live
    > at

    A nice piece of work.

    I look forward to buying the book as well.