Sunday, 15 June 2014

Father's Day

I don't write much directly personal stuff here, but I just wanted to share a photo of my father Morris, who we saw when we visited the Island last week.

In 2011, I wrote a bit about the circumstances of our long separation and reunion (see On going back) and a little about his background, which included being conscripted into the Korean War at 19 (see To the Last Round and the BBC interview for the 60th anniversary commemoration, Private Morris 'Brassy' Coombes recalls Imjin River battle).

I'm still in awe at his resilience at going through such an appalling experience, and coming out of that, and not the easiest of lives in general, as a strong, kind and philosophical guy. It's a joy and honour to know him.

- Ray

Addendum, 5th June, 2015
I've been meaning to upload this for a while. He also appears (top left) on the cover of the 2011 paperback edition of David Green's Korean War memoir Captured at the Imjin River: The Korean War Memoirs of a Gloster. (Dave Green, Pen & Sword Military, 20 Oct. 2011, ISBN-13: 978-1848846531 - see Amazon).

Low-res detail for purposes of comment.
Morris Coombes is at top left.
See Amazon for full book info.

- Ray

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