Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Ephemeral Curios

Just found via a comment: Ephemeral Curios, a moderately new weblog, by "Emily", that features our kind of topic.

Enjoy: Robot penguins of the air (graceful helium-filled automata); HYPOZOIC KAVASS ILLITERAL STOP (Victorian telegraph codewords); Galileo and the collapse of Dante's Inferno (Galileo debunks Hell on engineering grounds); The Infant's Grammar or a Pic-nic Party of the Parts of Speech (a grammar instruction text personifying parts of speech); Latinglish poetry ("O, see, Willie, see 'er go!"); "Illustrations of Madness... Embellished with a Curious Plate" (the "Air Loom" that Victorian paranoid James Tilly Matthews thought was being used to torment him remotely); Ramon Llull's theological sentence generator (an early algorithmic device); Glass harmonica (an elaborated version of that annoying thing some people do with a wine-glass); God the geometer (a classic picture of God measuring a cosmos that looks a lot like a Mandelbrot set); A recording from Edison's phonograph (a scarcely audible choral recording from 1888); and Burning Ship Fractal (click through to the enlarged version of the 3D - it's like a dizzying alien city). And lot of very nice photography.

- Ray


  1. So that's where that sudden burst of page views is coming from! I did wonder, and thank you very much for the link and the nice comments.

  2. What is that beastie on the wall behind you? It looks like one of the Martian "hoppers" from Quatermass and the Pit.

  3. It's a Triceratops head (actually a mask).

  4. Ah, of course! I didn't spot the nose horn.