Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Topsham: bookshop schism

I've mentioned privately to some readers that changes were afoot at the secondhand bookshop where I work in Topsham (and hence my rebadging JSBlog). The details are now public, and the following flyer is in the shop. If you have any relevant bookmarks, update them.


From the 1st November 2011, this shop will no longer be operating under the name of "Joel Segal Books". Joel Segal and Lily Neal have agreed amicably to terminate their partnership.

The shop will be known as The Topsham Bookshop and will be owned and managed by Lily Neal. The new website address will be but the telephone number will remain the same (01392-877895).

Joel Segal will continue to trade under the name of Joel Segal Books and will be operating from The Café, 76 Fore Street, Topsham. He can be contacted on 01392-875239 or 07790-906118, or via his website

I'll continue to manage the site for The Topsham Bookshop.

- Ray

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