Thursday, 10 January 2013

F Hamilton Jackson's Dean Maitland illustrations

I just found a very inexpensive copy of the Kegan Paul, Trench & Trübner illustrated edition - 1897, I think - of Maxwell Gray's The Silence of Dean Maitland, and thought the illustrations, by Frederick Hamilton Jackson (1848-1923), might be of interest/amusement. I've no doubt of FH Jackson's credentials and general competence as an artist (see Wikipedia) but some of these illustrations are distinctly strange in proportions and style. He has done his homework, however, and some of the locations are identifiable. The Internet Archive has a number of books by him. Also out of interest - an example of the general Victorian small world - Jackson married a Fanny Boole, a niece of the mathematician George Boole.

title page

part 1

Alma, looking down to 'Chalkburne' (Carisbrooke)

Alma and Maitland, the guy who'll get her pregnant

Mark Anthony, the cat, gets cute

Him again

Lilian, the protagonist's sister, does a bit of horse-whispering

Cyril Maitland preaches

Lilian and Everard, who'll take the rap for Maitland's crime

OMG - Maitland feels guilty

At the pub - Ben Lee's murder is reported

The guilty Maitland swoons

Villagers at the pub

A very girly Maitland christens his own son

'Malbourne' - recognisably Calbourne

part 2

'Chalkburne' - this is identifiably Carisbrooke Church

Alma and her baby

Ingram tries it on with Lilian, while her boyfriend is in prison

Everard escapes Portsmouth

Everard escaped

probably Winkle Street, Calbourne

part 3

'Belminster' - the picture shows the Bishop's House, Winchester Cathedral

Everard meets young Everard

Maitland is confronted by his illegitimate son

Maitland (left) is freaked to see Everard (right)

Maitland, knowing the game's up, takes leave of his family

Lilian, the falsely-accused Everard's girlfriend

Lilian and Everard dig the garden

Everard contemplates the dead Maitland


Happy ending

The End

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