Sunday, 3 February 2013

Renato Borghetti


Ruy Gomez, a Brazilian reader who noticed that I like accordion music here, kindly sent me some links to to the work of the Brazilian folk musician and composer Renato Borghetti. See his official site for more background. He's a brilliant exponent of the flavour of diatonic button accordion called gaita in the southernmost state of Brazil, Rio Grande do Sul. Enjoy!


Asa Branca

O sem vergonha

I rather liked, by the way, the folk poem on the site, collected by the folklorist Paixão Cortes, about the cultural evolution of the region:
A gaita matou a viola.
O fósforo matou o isqueiro.
A bombacha o chiripá.
E a moda o uso campeiro.

Mr. Accordion killed Mrs. Viola
Sr. Match killed Sr. Lighter
Mr. Baggy Trousers killed Mr. Amerindian breeches
Mrs. Fashion killed the cowboy style.
- Ray

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