Sunday, 28 April 2013

The Isle of Wight - James Redding Ware

A brief elaboration on one of the books mentioned in the previous post, Passing English - and James Redding Ware:

Ware's The Isle of Wight (London: Provost, 1871, Internet Archive ID Internet Archive ID isleofwight00warerich) is worth a glance if you're a follower of Isle of Wight literature. The text doesn't contain anything wildly original: it's a competent enough "me too" IOW travelogue with a lot of the recycled historical and geographical anecdote typical of such books, and a deal of purple prose. It's inexplicably in a typeface using the long s, which makeſ all the referenceſ to Freſhwater and The Needleſ and landſlipſ fairly tireſome to read. But on the plus side it has some very nice photos - ones I've not seen before, in this very well-trodden genre - by two acclaimed photographers, Russell Sedgefield and Frank Mason Good. Check out: 

Brading, from the Down
The Needles from Scratchell's Bay
Ryde, from the Pier
Shanklin Chine
Shanklin Church
Blackgang Chine
Carisbrooke Castle
Lane at Shorwell
Freshwater Bay
Scratchell's Bay

Here are my favourites:

Lane at Shorwell - Russell Sedgefield
This is looking down Shorwell Shute: see Google Maps.

Shanklin Chine - Russell Sedgefield

Blackgang Chine - Frank M Good

Bonchurch - Russell Sedgefield

Freshwater Bay - Russell Sedgefield

The Needles - Frank M Good

Ryde from the Pier - Russell Sedgefield

Scratchell's Bay - Frank M Good
Considering the general coastal erosion on the southern Isle of Wight, it's quite
remarkable how little the cliff profile at Scratchell's Bay has changed over 140 years: see Flickr.

Ventnor - Russell Sedgefield
- Ray

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