Friday, 13 December 2013

A Wren-like Note: officially launched

Just to make the news official: my biography A Wren-like Note: the life and works of Maxwell Gray, went ahead with the planned launch on December 3rd. The sales page is now online - here - and gives a preview of the book. is both a support site for the book and a general resource page about the Isle of Wight author Maxwell Gray (Mary Gleed Tuttiett). You'll find a brief biography (abridged from the first chapter of the book); links, where findable, to her major works, related reading including minor works and articles about her; the only known interview; a live map of places in her life and works; a gallery of scans from an illustrated edition of The Silence of Dean Maitland; and an ongoing series of blog posts on Maxwell Gray topics.

- Ray

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