Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Mystery Devon images

This is purely a feeder for a post at the Devon History Society website, but I thought it would be of interest to local readers. Philip Willis sent the DHS some interesting images from a set of glass lantern slides c.1900-1920, asking if anyone could identify the locations. Many in his set are labelled Ilfracombe, and some - such as that below - I was able to identify straight away. Many others aren't as straightforward; thatched cottages, for instance, are ubiquitous around Devon. So if you fancy topographic puzzles, seee Mystery Devon images (you'd best hurry, as 13 out of the 15 have already been identified - but they're interesting pictures anyway).

Capstone Hill, Ilfracombe - image courtesy of Philip Willis
Ilfracombe, I have to admit, looks far more jolly a century ago, with its bandstands and promenade restaurant. It was then a boom resort, served both by railway (the Ilfracombe Branch Line) and ferries along the Bristol Channel.
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