Wednesday, 5 February 2014

The morning after

Follow-up to "It was a dark and stormy night": I went out for a walk 8.30-9ish. There wasn't anything spectacular in the way of aftermath from last night's storm, but the wind and river were still pretty high. Ominously for many, waves were already starting to break on the lower roadways, and high tide isn't until about 10.30 (I imagine the water level is increased further by the high rainfall bringing extra floodwater down the Exe). People are saying there has been some damage to the Goat Walk, the riverside raised path at the southern tip of the peninsula Topsham is on. I couldn't see, because it too was already semi-submerged.

Looking along Goat Walk
Looking along Goat Walk
North Quay
Topsham Quay
The Strand by Hannaford's Quay - the stuff on the road is shingle
Looking down to the Underway - submerged last night
compare to above
Update: 10.30am. I'm pleased to say that the wind has dropped significantly toward mid-morning. The tide was nominally the same as last night's - but with the calm and lack of other excacerbating effects, the river level was high but harmless.

High tide at the Underway
But see the following: Goat Walk damage.

- Ray

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