Thursday, 5 January 2012

Faux Cyrillic sighting

I just noticed on a bus-stop, on the way home this afternoon, this poster for The Darkest Hour, the 2011 Russian-American 3D SF/horror movie concerning a group of American college kids visiting Moscow and having to fight an invasion of invisible electricity-sucking aliens.

Even though I didn't know the setting until Googling it - the lower picture featuring the Kremlin wasn't discernible from the upper deck of the bus - the general location was evident from the typography, which uses Faux Cyrillic letters.

There's the classic use of Я ("Ya") for one occurrence of "R" (as seen last year at this mesto in Salisbury), along with Д ("De") for "A" (as used on the poster for Borat!), and Ц ("Tse") for "U".

- Яду

Addendum. See Felix Grant's The Growlery - Double delight - for further nice examples.

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