Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Vie Hebdomadaires

Vie Hebdomadaires is a collaborative Wordpress weblog run by Varun Kothamachu, a PhD student at the University of Exeter. From the description:
“Vie hebdomadaires” started as a concept from an early morning dream about writing a weekly log book and sending it via post to a friend who writes for another week and then in turn sends it to another one of his friends’ to continue the chain. This idea has been growing in increasing measures with an exciting opportunity to come across amazing stories of the lives of people from across the planet.
The project is currently up to the 42nd week, and contributors have so far included bloggers from - of the locations identifiable - Amsterdam, Valparaíso, Paris, Bangalore, Vancouver, London, Michigan, Tennessee, St Petersburg, Poland, Peru, Pittsburgh, California, New York, Ann Arbor, Bangkok, Oxford, Surrey, Scotland, Goa, Texas, Oregon, Bolivia, Devon ... well, you get the picture. I'd briefly sum up the mix as strongly representing artists and writers, more female than male; and there are a lot of Anglophone ex-pats overseas, and overseas students working in the UK/US. Within that systemic bias - toward international media people - the mix of perspectives is varied.

As it happens, Clare (my wife) is this week's contributor (from June 25th to July 1st), so check out Vie Hebdomadaires - but I highly recommend also looking at the previous weeks.

PS: I'd never encountered the word "hebdomadaire" (I didn't do French at school) - it's a French adjective meaning "weekly".

Addendum: see update, Vie Hebdomadaires again.

- Ray

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  1. Lacking time at the moment, I only visited Clare's entries so far ... and very impressed I was too: by the content and quality primarily, but also by the feat of arms involved in writing such substantial, high quality posts on (thus far) three days out of four.