Friday, 12 July 2013

Summer dawn on the Exe

This is a sort of sequel to Bright start and the pictures I took on New Year's Day. I never tire of the varying light and conditions over the Exe at Topsham. At 5:15 or so, it was so bright and warm that I found it hard to get to sleep again, so I got up and went for a walk. It was another of those picture-postcard mornings: dead calm, with a mist over Exminster and Powderham Marshes. Down at the foot of the church jetty, I could stand in that mist where it was drifting over the river; it smelt of dew and leaves and, oddly, of chalk. And then the sun rose and burnt it away in a few minutes, opening another bright and clear day. The prospects at the end of last year seemed pretty gloomy, but now that I find myself still extant six months later, no longer exhausted and 'fogged' by chemotherapy, it's hard not to enjoy summer.

- Ray