Sunday, 19 January 2014

For Felix

This morning I had news of the death of Felix Grant, my colleague and friend of some 25 years. It wasn't radically unexpected - he told me about his serious health problems on our last meeting (in his own words, his "sell-by date was likely to be in the same territory" as mine) - but that makes it no easier. I didn't often meet Felix in person, but that made no difference; I think he would have appreciated the pertinence of this quote from Philip K Dick.
We are served by organic ghosts, he thought, who, speaking and writing, pass through this our new environment. Watching, wise, physical ghosts from the full-life world, elements of which have become for us invading but agreeable splinters of a substance that pulsates like a former heart. And of all of them, he thought, thanks to Glen Runciter. In particular. The writer of instructions, labels and notes. Valuable notes.

He raised his arm to slow to a grumpy halt a passing 1936 Graham cab.
- Philip K Dick, Ubik, 1969
Felix has been the central and best of these 'wise ghosts' in my life for so long that his absence is hard to grasp. I might write a proper piece when it feels a little less raw.

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- Ray


  1. Jazz@psychobabble3 February 2014 at 19:07

    I just wanted to say how sorry I am for your loss, for our loss. I know that whenever Felix spoke of you (as he did often) his words resonated with such warmth, affection and respect.

    He is deeply missed, and my thoughts are still with all of you who loved him.

  2. My words for our friend here -