Friday, 3 January 2014

Spring tide

If you're in the UK, you'll be aware of the storm and flood warnings for the south-west over the last few days. For whatever reason, Topsham got off lightly; the weather was dry and calm overnight, so the rivers were up, but not disruptively so. But we went out to look at 8.30, and it was a striking morning: varying between bright sunshine, hail, ominous clouds to the north, and a lovely sunrise downriver.

Wixels, Topsham, looking up the River Exe
The Underway, Topsham, looking down the Exe
looking across the Exe, flooded Exe marshes, and Haldon Hills
looking across the Clyst
Clyst flood plain over Bridge Inn garden
Fisher's Mill, looking between the Clyst bridges
Clyst Bridge, looking upriver (note the almost-hidden arches)
looking down the Clyst wetlands
east bank of the Clyst, downstream of Clyst Bridge
east bank of the Clyst, downstream of Clyst Bridge (the pontoon at left is the normal river's edge)

downstream - the levee on the east bank of the Clyst

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