Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Morning on the estuary

The weather lately has been variable: a lot of overcast days and rain, but with stunningly vivid mornings and evenings. I took these this morning at 9, before the sun had come round sufficiently to dazzle any attempts to photograph directly down the estuary toward Exmouth.

Looking down the Exe estuary from Topsham Quay
More images below: click to enlarge.

Detail: down the estuary, with Exmouth in the distance

Detail: the sunlight reflects off a train near Starcross

From Topsham Quay across to the west bank of the estuary

View from Topsham Quay toward Topsham Lock Cottage and motorway bridge
- Ray


  1. Do they leave that derelict boat for artistic effect?

  2. By now, probably. I don't know its background, but the reed beds are full of dead boats.