Monday, 26 May 2014

Bayan time (22)

A pleasant early afternoon today: I just played at the Topsham Music Festival (ongoing until 10pm) outside the Lighter Inn at Topsham Quay, in aid of the Macmillan cancer charity. It originally was to be a Blues Festival, but they widened the brief. Nevertheless, I stuck with the original plan and worked on some blues - a new venture for me - and went with Careless Love, a blues-y instrumental of Gershwin's aria Summertime, and the St James Infirmary Blues.

All great fun * I'll add some photos of other acts later on. The event goes on until 10pm.

- Ray

* Except - OMG - I find from Clare's photos that I'm reaching the age when my formerly somewhat elphin ear-tips are drooping, like those of Matt Frewer as the ageing Moloch the Mystic in the movie version of Watchmen.

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