Thursday, 9 February 2012

The art of Carlos de Asumendi

Another finding from my late mother-in-law's effects: this wonderful example of kitsch artwork from a tin of Churchill's Chocolate Chunk & Hazelnut Biscuits. The embossed metal design is credited as "Madeleine ... based on the painting by Carlos de Asumendi".

The artist, sometimes listed as Carlos Asumendi, appears to work entirely in the niche of metallic paintings in Art Deco style; apart from appearing on biscuit tins, his works are sold as aluminium foil prints. Check out the German firm Fantastic Pictures for works including Lady in White and Lady in Black; Morgan and Ondine; Arabella; Butterfly; Cat Crazed and Floating Feline; and White Tiger.

Though not credited as such, Lady in Black, White Tiger and Lady in White actually form a continuous (if somewhat mismatched) triptych; and Madeleine on the biscuit tin is Lady in White with the flower vase from White Tiger. Georgina gets the tiger.

- Ray

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  1. I have a tin with the same artwork - I just googled to find out about the original artist...