Wednesday, 1 February 2012

When That Man Is Dead And Gone

Further to the previous post, here's a similar video by cappnonymous - "a brief contrapuntal study in audio-visual propaganda" - which juxtaposes, to ironic effect, footage from Leni Riefenstahl's 1934 Triumph des Willens and the 1941 cover by Al Bowlly and Jimmy Mesene of Irving Berlin's 1941 When That Man Is Dead And Gone.

An anti-Hitler satirical song ...

Come on now, we're going to celebrate.
He's the guy that's spreading hate.
His account is overdrawn.
And his chances are in pawn.
Some fine day the news will flash
Satan with the small moustache
Is asleep beneath the lawn.
When that man is dead and gone-
What a day to wake up on!
What a way to greet the dawn!
When a certain man is dead and gone!"

... it was nevertheless a fine jazz composition, and covered by other well-known artists such as Mildred Bailey (YouTube) and Glenn Miller (YouTube). It was rather a twist of fate that When That Man Is Dead And Gone was Bowlly's last recorded song; he was killed by a Luftwaffe parachute mine at his home in 1941. His legacy was an iconic list of recordings that are still being referenced today.

- Ray
Thanks to Trebots of kalebeul for jogging my memory in a comment to the previous post; I saw the cappnonymous video last year, but had forgotten it.

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