Monday, 30 July 2012

Science fiction allusions

I think at times I filter my whole life through science fiction allusions. I went out this evening, and on the way home saw this scary handle of a potato ricer (left) in our local hardware shop window, which strongly resembled the alien's tongue from Alien (right) ...

... and then in the pub I stepped on a cheap plastic ring, of which the remnant when I picked it up had a strong resemblance to the palm flower in William F Nolan and and George Clayton Johnson's Logan's Run, a dystopian SF novel (on which a rather crap film adaptation was based) in which the culture limits lifespan to 21 years.

All individuals have a flower implant in the palm. Red flower is when you're in the last third of your life, and it turns black on your last day, during which you're expected to report for euthanasia (if you don't, you get hunted down). In the film, the thing was a round faceted 'Lifeclock' crystal, but in the book it was described as a flower. There were various other differences between book and film: see The Highly Unofficial Logan's Run FAQ.

- Ray


  1. You are clearly an unconscious conduit channelling information from ANOTHER DIMENSION into this one ... you are seeing faint echoes of warnings which the rest of us are unable to pick up ... I strongly urge you to contact the Prime Minister immediately and make him aware of this: but do not say anything to anyone below him, as they are all ALIENS committed to keeping the danger secret and WILL STOP AT NOTHING TO SILENCE YOU.

    (I will not give my name as the CIA are listening and they are IN LEAGUE WITH THE ALIEN POTATO RICER INVADERS)

    (PS: when you have read this, burn it ... then flush it down the toilet ... then eat it.)