Sunday, 22 July 2012

The Spire (part 3)

Continuation of The Spire (part 2) concerning the Salisbury Cathedral Tower Tour.

And so, from the highest visitable level at the top of the tower, the base of the spire, there are doors that take you out to balconies on the faces of the tower.

Looking up the spire
West view, looking down on nave roof
North view, looking over cathedral green
South view - Chapter House, which stores a Magna Carta copy
South view over Cloister
East view: over Bishop Wordsworth School to New Forest in the distance
South view - Salisbury Cathedral School
North view - cathedral close and Salisbury centre
North view - looking north-west
West view - looking south-west
East view - looking down
It's a spectacular view in itself, but with also the meanderings through the innards of the cathedral to get to it, this is the best £10 I've spent for a long time. I cannot recommend it enough. The link again as it's strongly advisable to book in advance: Salisbury Cathedral Tower Tours.

- Ray

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