Saturday, 19 July 2014

Topsham from the air

The Summer 2014 issue of EX magazine has a very nice feature on some photography commissioned by the local estate agents Wilkinson Grant, using a drone camera to take aerial videos and 'tilt-shift' stills of Topsham, Lympstone and Woodbury.

The work was done by the specialist commercial photographers Benjamin Graham and David Leyland of iVistaphotography, and required Civil Aviation Authority permissions. The three films are on YouTube:

Image from EX, Summer 2014 - low-resolution copy
reproduced as fair use for review purposes
Tilt-shift photography is a novelty effect using selective mid-range focus to give the look of a miniature model of a scene. There are three such aerial photos of Topsham in the article (EX, Summer 2014, pp76-77) and higher-resolution ones in the aerial stills gallery at iVistaphotography.

Read the EX article at ISSUU.

- Ray

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