Thursday, 7 August 2014

Mapping Topsham

Topsham Museum has made a major departure from the worthy-but-dull with Mapping Topsham, its current exhibition of creative and beautiful artworks interpreting the theme of Topsham maps, from the conventional to the highly stylised.

The exhibition is an ongoing project running from 2nd August to 30th October 2014, and it's still open to new entries. See the Topsham Museum page - Mapping Topsham - for details. Here are some of the current exhibits. Click to enlarge any image.

Strand in 1988
Kevin Jones
A photograph of a painted ceiling designed for a Strand house.

Topsham Streets 1
Hannah Mumby
"Dip pen and ink showing Topsham streets."
"Topsham map by Caroline Oboussier commissioned for Fulfords
Estate Agents, and updated in 2000 for Topsham's Millennium Year."

Which Way Today?
Jan Syers
"My fifth quilted map showing some
options for getting out and about in
Topsham on foot, bike, bus or train.
Hand and machine stitched, hand-dyed
cotton fabrics."

Topsham Tube
Keith Simpson
"Gouache and pencil schematic map of
Topsham showing streets and landmarks
connected by historic and modern

Plan of Topsham
"Topsham in 1960s, probably produced by
Exeter Tourist Information Office."

Topsham Overground
Chris Hartrick
"Map of Topsham using mixed media and
household items to portray our lovely
town and heritage."

Close to Home
Jane Syers
"My first quilted map started at a workshop
with Alicia Merrett to represent the streets
around my home in Topsham. Hand and
machine stitched, hand-dyed cotton fabrics."

Blue over Topsham
Christopher Lambert
"Prints from my sketch book."
- Ray

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