Sunday, 10 August 2014

Undercliff - there and back again: 3D

I mentioned before that the landscape of the Lyme Regis Undercliff is surprisingly difficult to photograph; images don't convey the depth of the wooded vistas of what I've seen described as the nearest thing England has to a jungle. However, a while back I came round to the view that 3D is an effective medium for handling this, and I took a set of stereopairs during a return visit yesterday.

I'd planned to walk from Lyme to Seaton, but the Undercliff coast path is currently broken by a landslip near the Seaton end. Still, it's normally about a four-hour walk, so I walked for two hours from the Lyme end, had lunch in a clearing, and walked back.

These pictures are crossed-eye stereopairs (i.e. slightly cross your eyes, and the two images will fuse into a third in 3D between them). While 3D cameras aren't wildly expensive these days, I went with the cheap and cheerful option, which is fine as long as the subject isn't moving; I just took two photos from viewpoints about a metre apart, taking care to target some central feature. Some worked better than others. They're probably easier to view if you click to enlarge.

For completeness, here's the experimental one I took on a previous visit in 2010.

- Ray

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